Kid’s Time Out App Review

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I received a promo code to review the new Kid’s Time Out app for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch mobile devices. As you can guess from the title, the Kid’s Time Out app is a timer for managing your child’s time outs. It’s easy to use. Just move the slider to your kid’s age and then press Start. Bottom line: the app is cheap (99 cents), but most wireless devices already have timers built in.

Kid's Time Out App by Adam Courtney

In my opinion, the Kid’s Time Out app is better suited as a free, ad-supported app with an option to purchase an ad-free version. Even better would be functionality to manage multiple time-outs concurrently. A lot of time, we send more than one of our kids to timeout at the same time because it usually takes two people to start a fight.

Kid’s Time Out Positives

  • Only 99¢
  • Works even when the device goes to sleep
  • A little easier to use than the iPod timer utility


  • Timer utility is already included in my iPod Touch
  • Limited to ten minutes for timeouts (my oldest child is eleven)