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Solid-Cordz Gold Plated HDMI Cable Supports up to 4K Resolution

Solid-Cordz Gold Plated HDMI Cable Supports up to 4K Resolution

Solid-Cordz sent me their Gold Plated HDMI Cable for review on my geek dad blog. I’ve been using the cable for about a week now and have not had any problems. The picture quality on my 1080 HD TV looks outstanding. The cable is well made and feels very durable. I don’t have a 4K resolution TV, but according to the product literature, the Solid-Cordz HDMI cable features 4K support. As advertised, the cable connectors are gold plated. The Solid-Cordz Gold Plated HDMI Cable comes in a set of two. The pair of 6′ HDMI cables are priced at $35 on Amazon (plus free shipping).

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Amazon fireTV Exceeds Expectations

Amazon fireTV rear view

With a name like fireTV, you have a lot to live up to. It’s not perfect, but FireTV exceeded my expectations. By a lot. For those who don’t know, FireTV is Amazon’s device for connecting your HDTV to online content. The tiny box will stream movies, music, and photos to your TV. In addition, you can also play video games with FireTV. The box only measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.7″ (115 mm x 115 mm x 17.5 mm), so it hardly takes up any space. With Amazon Fire TV, you can stream movies and TV shows up to 1080p HD. The device also supports Dolby Digital Plus up to 7.1 via HDMI or optical out.

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Microsoft Launches Surface Pro 3 – features 12-inch display

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft introduced their new Surface Pro 3 today. Their new tablet can be ordered today at 9pm Pacific time (will ship by August 31st). According to Microsoft, the new Surface, which features a 12-inch screen and a pen, is a tablet that can replace a laptop. The Surface Pro 3 can be ordered in five different configurations. The 64GB / Intel i3 model sells for $799, 128GB / Intel i5 for $999, 256GB / Intel i5 for $1,299, 256GB / Intel i7 for $1,549, and 512GB / Intel i7 for $1,949.

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Download Disney Infinity for Free

Download Disney Infinity on your PC for free

If your kids love the Disney Infinity video game, you’ll love this promotion. As of now, you can download and play the PC version of Disney Infinity for free. That’s right, for FREE. The Incredibles Play Set is now free. Just download and launch the PC game. And then play out the adventure as you try and defeat Syndrome. According to their website, you can even synch the PC game with the app version on your smartphone or tablet. That way you can play on the PC, and then resume play at the same place on your device. Neat, right?

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The Kindle Paperwhite Hits the Sweet Spot

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve been test driving the Kindle Paperwhite for the past week. The device was sent to me by an Amazon representative for review on my geek dad blog. I love it. I really do. The Paperwhite is now my favorite gadget for reading. My previous favorite e-reader was the Nook Color. It’s a nice device, but it’s more of a mini-tablet than a e-reader because it’s a little too heavy and big for holding when you’re doing a lot of reading in one sitting. In comparison, the Kindle Paperwhite is light and I can easily hold it with one hand. In addition, I can easily flip the page back and forth just by tapping the page with my thumb instead of having to swipe.

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Epson Competes with Google Glass – debuts Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses

It looks like Epson, the maker of printers and projectors, is getting in the Google Glass business. Their version is called the Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses. Epson is marketing their lightweight glasses as an augmented reality platform. Like Google Glass, the Moverio projects the display right in your field of vision through the glass lens. The Moverio features two lenses with their own display, a large virtual screen, front-facing camera, motion tracker, earphones with inline microphone, two shades (light and dark), Bluetooth support, and is compatible with most Android apps. Unlike Google Glass, the Epson Moverio BT-200 is on sale now to the general public. It’s priced at $699.99, which is less than half of Google Glass’ price of $1,500.

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Marvel Super Heroes are coming to the Disney Infinity Universe

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

My youngest daughter got the Disney Infinity video game for her birthday last year. She loves it. Now we’ve learned that Disney is releasing a new version of the playset later this year. As a dad that has to pay for these types of upgrades, I’m usually annoyed with new versions of games. Not this time. I’m actually excited about the new version — it’s going to feature Marvel super heroes. Nice! My kids and I are big fanboys of the superhero genre. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) will be available this fall.

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Coming soon – Internet connection via drones

Solar Impulse

According to multiple sources, Facebook plans to provide broadband service with a fleet of solar-powered drones. The Internet service won’t be available to most of us. Their goal is to provide Internet access to the two-thirds of the world that’s offline. In theory, the drones that Facebook are developing will use lasers to beam Internet access down to people in remote regions of the world. The drones are expected to fly autonomously for months at a time at an altitude of about 65,000 feet, which is above commercial airspace.

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Review: Vtech Cordless Phone System – it includes a video doorbell

Vtech Answering System with Audio/Video Doorbell

Vtech recently sent me their cordless phone system for review on my geek dad blog. I know what you’re thinking — why would I want to review a cordless phone? They’ve been around for decades and are not exactly on the leading edge of technology. But the Vtech IS7121-2 is different. In fact, it’s the only phone system I know of that integrates a doorbell video system. The Vtech answering system is essentially a doorbell caller ID system that lets you see who is at the door. BTW, the system has a list price of $119.95.

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Review: WatchBot – it’s a versatile Wi-Fi camera

WatchBot camera

For more than a week now, I’ve been playing with a Wi-Fi camera called the WatchBot. I received the device for review on my geek dad blog. Thanks to the many features of the camera, you can use the Watchbot for things like home security, checking in on your children, monitoring your baby, and communicating with your kids. The Watchbot includes a camera, DC power supply, wall mounting kit, alarm connection adaptor, network cable, set-up CD, and user guide. BTW, the power supply is designed for the UK, but a power adapter for the US was included with my unit. The Watchbot retails for $237.95.

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