App Review: Rocka Bowling 3D – it’s fun and free


Rocka Bowling 3D app ~ Best Cool Fun Games

I’ve been playing with an app called Rocka Bowling 3D. It’s a fun app by Best Cool Fun Games [Facebook | Twitter]. As you can tell by the name of the app, it’s a bowling game. The app reminds me a little of the bowling game in Wii Sports. But instead of using a Wii controller, you swipe with your finger to roll the bowling ball. Rocka Bowling 3D is available now in the Apple AppStore. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.1 or later). Note: there is also a Google Android version, which was actually developed first.

Rocka Bowling 3D app ~ Best Cool Fun Games

Rocka Bowling 3D is very easy to play. However, it takes practice to be consistent in this game. In my case, I would get three strikes in a row, and then roll two straight gutter balls. Just like in real life. According to the press material, the app combines simple swipe gestures with realistic bowling mechanics to allow players to perform straight, power, and hook rolls. I got the straight part down, but I struggled with hooking in this game. I either hooked to much or not enough.

Rocka Bowling 3D app ~ Best Cool Fun Games

The app itself is free. However, you have to pay for Bumper Mode, The Straight Ballas (doubles your coins bonus), and extra coins. Note: you earn a coin for each pin you knock down in the game. You can use these coins for new balls, pins, alleys, songs, and Insta-Bumper (tap to activate bumper for a single roll).

Rocka Bowling 3D supports up to six players on a single iDevice. You can also enable OpenFeint to play with friends and millions of other players.

Rocka Bowling 3D Features

  • Precise Controls — intuitive touch controls are easy to learn for gamers of any skill
  • Realistic Physics — players can perform straight, hook, and other skill-shots as they rack up strikes and spares
  • 3D Visuals — smooth animation and gameplay creates an immersive bowling experience
  • Local Multiplayer — bowl with up to 6 players in local multiplayer, all on a single device
  • Upgradeable Items — score points to win coins and purchase new pins, balls, and more
  • Original Music — bowl in style with original 50s Rock n’ Roll music

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  1. Husband is downloading the “Rocka Bowling 3D” for our grand-kids. Thank you for your reviews and helping us be the “coolest” grand-parents ever. :-)

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