Holiday Gift Idea: May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories DS Video Game


May's Mystery: Forbidden Memories (Red Wagon Games)

I received May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories for review on my geek dad blog. It’s a video game for the Nintendo DS. I wish I could say it’s a great game, but I can’t because my oldest daughter took the game over a week ago. She has been playing it ever since and would not give it back to me. I guess that means she really loves the game. I finally had to sneak into to her room last night and take the game back so I could write this review. Bottom line: May’s Mystery (Red Wagon Games) is a fabulous game for people who like to solve puzzles. The Forbidden Memories DS video game is available now for $39.99.

May's Mystery: Forbidden Memories (Red Wagon Games) screen shotMay's Mystery: Forbidden Memories screen shot (Red Wagon Games)

The main character of May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories is, well, May. The story starts off with May and her brother (Tery) in a hot air balloon. They encounter a problem and crash. May loses consciousness. When she wakes up, May can’t find her brother. She then decides to go look for him. This is the start of May’s mystery adventure. As a player, you get to help May by visiting various places and unraveling mysteries. You do this by solving lots and lots of puzzles. I’m not kidding when I say lots and lots. There are over 270 puzzles to solve!

During May’s adventures, you will have the opportunity to solve bonus puzzles. By solving the bonus problems, you earn hint points, which you can use to purchase clues to help you solve story puzzles. While you are looking for Tery, you can also collect items that will be useful in the adventure. In your search, you will also meet interesting characters who can help you (there are over 40 unique characters).

May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories is one of those games that will make you think. It’s also very addicting. My daughter is hook and I think most puzzle lovers will love this game too. As I mentioned previously, there are over 270 puzzles in the game. Some puzzles are the logic/brain teaser type, there are rhythmic games, and others involve finding hidden objects.

The only thing I didn’t like about Forbidden Memories is the lack of audio for some of the dialogue. In some of the scenes there is an audio track, while other scenes only offered subtitles. It’s not really a big deal because it doesn’t impact the puzzles in any way. Even with this little drawback, I think May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories DS video game will make an excellent holiday gift for the thinker in the family. The game is also a great way to keep the kids busy without turning their brains into mush.

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