Review: Math Mix App – great way to test your kids

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Math Mix app by Cadecon

Do you have a kid who loves math? Or maybe a child that needs to work on his or her math skills? If you do, consider the Math Mix app by Cadecon. It’s an app that helps kids test their math skills. Bottom line: unless your kids really love math, the app isn’t tons of fun. However, the app is a great way for your children to practice their math skills. Dads and moms can get Math Mix app now for $1.99. It is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices (requires iOS 4.0 or later). [Disclosure: I received a promo code to review the app on my geek dad blog.]

Math Mix App - additionMath Mix App - subtraction

What I like about Math Mix

  • Offers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems
  • You can select the type of problem you want to be tested on (basic, missing factor, or multiple choice)
  • Tests up to 3 digits addition, 3 digits subtraction, 3 digits by 2 digits multiplication, and 2 digits divisors division (with remainder)
  • It’s easy to use and most kids shouldn’t have any problems with the app
  • You can set up multiple users if you have more than one kid in the family
  • Parents can see how their kids did via the app’s statistics menu
  • Kids can compete against each other by earning stars based on how much time they took to solve the problems, how many hints they used, and how many wrong answers they submitted
  • It’s only $1.99 and is a good value considering the app should help your kids get better at math

Math Mix App - multiplicationMath Mix App - division

What I didn’t like about Math Mix

  • The hint gives you the answer if the answer has only one digit
  • After you answer the question correctly or incorrectly, you have to click on the OK button (shouldn’t it just proceed to the next problem if you got the problem right?)