Review: Whiz Racer Android App – it’s a fun math game for kids


Enigma Games Whiz Racer video game

Enigma Games sent me an evaluation version of their new Whiz Racer game for review on my geek dad blog. The racing video game isn’t really a racing game at all. It’s actually an educational game in a race car setting. It could just as easily been an archery game because the main objective of Whiz Racer is solving math problems. The setting just makes the the app more interesting for kids. Whiz Racer is currently available for Android devices for $2.99. Versions for iOS, PC and Mac platforms will be coming soon.

Enigma Games Whiz Racer math game ~ paint job

You start off the Whiz Racer video game by selecting a color for your racing car. After you have selected a paint job, you then race against another car. To beat your opponent, you have to correctly answer the math questions as quickly as you can. There are five multiple choice answers to choose from. Just click on the right answer. If you answer the problem correctly, your speed increases. If your answer is wrong, your speed goes down. Based on my experience, you win the race when you reach a certain speed. Note: a couple of times my opponents made more laps, but I still won.

Enigma Games Whiz Racer game ~ car racing game

There are ten levels in the evaluation version of the game I tested (PC). The first three levels test your addition skills. In level four, you are presented with both addition and subtraction problems. At some point, you will also be tested with multiplication and division problems. Once you have master all ten levels in the game, you become the ultimate Whiz Racer. BTW, your progress is saved automatically so you don’t have to play the entire video game in one sitting.

Enigma Games Whiz Racer video game - 10 levels

In the full version of the game, you can select five different tracks to race (this option wasn’t available in my trial version). Whiz Racer is ideal for elementary school aged kids, or anyone who wants a fun way to improve their math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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