BAE Systems Designs Transformer Plane

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Transformer plane | BAE Systems

BAE Systems recently released a video on YouTube that showcased their concept Transformer plane. The Transformer is an aircraft that can separate into three small planes. BAE dubbed it the Transformer, but it’s actually more like the Fantasticar in the second Fantastic Four movie. The flexible aircraft system was created by scientists and engineers at BAE Systems. According to the company, the futuristic technologies can be incorporated in military and civil aircraft by 2040.

Transformer plane separating | BAE Systems

The Transformer combines smaller jets for more efficient travel. For longer journeys, smaller sub-aircraft combined together during travel, to increase the range of the jet and save fuel through reducing drag. Once Transformer have reached its destination, the craft can then split off and adapt to any given situation — whether that is going on the offensive if threatened, or performing functional tasks such as surveillance or the dropping off supplies.

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