Cheetos Cheetahpult Online Game – boys will shoot for the groin


Cheetos Cheetahpult Flash YouTube video game

I discovered something new today — an interactive YouTube game called Cheetos Cheetahpult. In the game, you can use either your mouse or smartphone to launch Cheetos at a man lying on the carpet. The Flash video game is easy to play, fun and a bit addictive. Best of all, it’s free. It’s a nice and safe game for your child to play. Note: if your son is like mine, I’m sure he will go for a shot at the groin area and then laugh hysterically. Boys will be boys.

The goal of the game is to get the Cheetos Mix-ups into a man’s mouth four times. You can also get bonus points for hitting other objects (but not for hitting the man’s groin). As you can see in the final screenshot below, I rock! I eventually got the Cheetos into the man’s mouth four times.

Cheetos Cheetahpult final score

I tried both the mouse and my iPod Touch as the aiming device. I prefer the mouse. With the smartphone option, you have to sync your device to the game. In addition, my iPod was too sensitive when I was trying to aim.

Cheetos Cheetahpult
What’s better than playing with your food? Kicking it up a notch with a catapult. Introducing Cheetos Cheetahpult, a highly addictive new game that allows you to fling cheetos across the room with your phone or mouse, racking up points and unlocking new levels. If you’re creative with your targeting, you might even trigger some funny cutscenes.

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