These Speakers Can Levitate


Floating Bluetooth Speakers

Check out the levitating Bluetooth speakers in the photos on this page (via Engadget). They were made by ASWY, and are called Floating Bluetooth Speakers. Currently there isn’t much info about the levitating Bluetooth speakers on the ASWY website. But according to Engadget, the speakers feature three watts of output, five hours of battery life, Bluetooth 4.0 support, 3.5mm input jack, integrated microphone, and a USB port. The speaker includes a powered base to keep it in the air, but the speaker will still work without the base if you don’t need it to levitate.

Floating Bluetooth Speakers - USB port and input jack

The Floating Bluetooth Speaker is production ready and is expected to be available in November for about $149.

I have to admit, the idea of a levitating Bluetooth speaker sounds really cool. But other than the wow factor, I’m not sure what it’s good for. It only has 3 watts of power, so you can’t really crank up the sound. It’s small and portable, but you have to take both the speaker and the base with you if you want to show off its levitating ability.

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  1. These are too cool, would love to get one just to have on my desk at home, but also would love to have in the office!

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