Review: Peakour App – it’s fun and addictive

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Gotta Pea Peakour App for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Gotta Pea [Facebook | Twitter] sent me a code to review their Peakour app on my geek dad blog. In the game, you have to help PeaG maneuver through puzzles. There are two versions of the app. There’s a lite version that is free, and a full version for 99 cents. Peakour works on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or later). Bottom line: the app is fun, addictive, and requires you to think.

Gotta Pea Peakour brain stumping elements

In Peakour, you drag objects to help PeaG collect as many bottle caps as you can. PeaG uses the objects for sprints, spins, leaps, climbs, swings, tic-tacs, back-flips, rolls, grinds, vaults and jumps. In the early going, the app tells you where to place the items. After a few levels, you’re on your own. Some levels are easy to figure out, while other levels require several attempts to get right. You really have to think to make it through some levels. The game also has a list of sick skills for PeaG. The sick skills list gives you clues on what PeaG can and can’t do with various objects.

Gotta Pea Peakour's levels and worlds

Peakour features four worlds and one hundred levels. This app is not one of those games you can quickly finish, and it’s addictive. One of the coolest features of the app is that you can create your own levels once you’ve collected 250 bottle caps. BTW, you can also purchase 250 bottle caps if you want don’t want to wait to create your own levels to challenge your friends.

Gotta Pea Peakour Level Creator

I loved the app, but sometimes I found it hard to drag and drop objects in the game. Keep in mind I tested version 1.1 of the app. The latest version is 1.2, which includes the following updates:

  • Fixes to the dragging of junk items into play area
  • Auto-stop feature added when dragging items while the pea is running its course
  • UI changes and button fixes
  • Edits for easier selection of items fixed in level creator

Gotta Pea is already working on another version that fixes the transition time between levels and leaderboard response time.