App Review: Math Guardians Mini – turns something boring to fun

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Math Guardians Mini app by Jiayi Chong

I received a promo code to review the new Math Guardians Mini app on my dad blog. The app makes math fun by putting it in a game setting. In Math Guardians Mini, you have to solve math problems while creatures attack you. If you take too much time, the creature wins. The creatures consist of dinosaurs, dragons, and other beasts. Math Guardians Mini app, developed by Jiayi Chong, is available now in the Apple Appstore for $1.99. It’s compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation and higher), and iPad (requires iOS 5.0 or later). The game is aimed at kids ages eight and up (including adults).

Math Guardians Mini characters

In Math Guardians Mini, you can select to be a rage bunny or stegosaurus. Other creatures are unlocked as you progress through the game. You move by tapping to the right, left, or above your creature. The goal is jump and collect two numbered tokens. Then you’re presented with a math problem based on the two tokens you selected. If you answer the math problem correctly, you gain additional engergy for your creature.

Math Guardians Mini subtraction

In addition to solving math problems, there’s also another creature trying to attack you while you collect tokens. You tap on your creature to block an attack. Or you can tap on the enemy to launch an attack. Warning: attacking takes energy, so be sure you have plenty of energy. In gameplay, the blue bar is your energy level and the red bar is your health level.

Math Guardians Mini multiplication

In the Math Guardians Mini app, you’re given addition and subtraction problems initially. After you progressed though several levels, you are then presented with multiplication and division problems.

Trying not to get kill while you’re doing math problems makes something boring fun. However, vicious creatures are distracting and can make it hard to select the right answer. Luckily, there is a practice mode that lets you work on your math skills without the distraction of a creature attacking you.

Math Guardians Mini Highlights

  • Kids have fun while learning math
  • Test your kid’s skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Simple 2D fighter gameplay using only directional taps
  • Unique attacks like flames and electricity for each creature
  • Eight playable creatures with different special attacks
  • Six dynamic stages for battle
  • A purely math practice mode for honing arithmetic skills
  • Campaign story mode
  • An interactive Getting Started tutorial

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