Review: I’mOK App – it’s a free app for tracking your children

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I'mOK App for tracking your kids

I’ve been playing with an app called, I’mOK. It’s essentially a mobile app that rewards kids for texting dads and moms. Children can use the GPS-enabled app to let parents know their location. Users can also use the app to text what they are doing, send photos, and tag friends. The goal of the app is to encourage children to keep their parents informed on their whereabouts. In exchange for checking in, kids are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for items like spending money, a new video game or special privileges. The I’mOK app is free and is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices (iOS 4.0 or later). Bottom line: it’s a useful app that helps parents keep track of their children.

I'mOK App for tracking your children

What I like about the I’mOK App

  • It’s free
  • App encourages children to check-in with their parents (you don’t have to nag them)
  • You can track your kids without spying on them with hidden GPS tracking
  • I’mOK is a private family network between parents and their kids
  • Kids check-ins are always private
  • You can write your own message or select a pre-written response with the spin-wheel (sports practice, band, studying, etc)

What I don’t like about the I’mOK App

  • Default check-in for parents is public (share with all of I’mOK community)
  • It requires your kids to check-in (there’s no reminder or auto check-in option if they forget to check in)
  • You have to reward your kids for something they really should do for free
  • You have to register yourself and your kids

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