Review: Imbroglio App – it’s interesting and free

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Imbroglio App ~ Lisbon Lab

I was playing with the Imbroglio app (Lisbon Lab) last night. It’s a puzzle game for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.3 or later). In this game, you’re on the magical Ombelico Islands. On these islands are Lithos, which are mystical stone cylinders that channel the elemental energy and maintain the harmony between air, water, earth and fire. Everything is fine on the islands until a tsunami ravages the islands and leaves all the Lithos scrambled. Now it’s your job to solve this imbroglio and save the Ombelico Island from obliteration.

Imbroglio App with 80 levels Lisbon Lab

In this game, you are presented with multiple Lithos. Each Lithos have four symbols engraved, but only one faces you at a time. In each level, you have to spin the Lithos until they all glow. This happens when a specific symbol faces you. To spin the Lithos, all you have to do is press on a Litho and then swipe right or left.

The game is fairly easy at first. But as you move from one level to the next, the game gets more difficult. This is because when you move some of the Lithos, they also move other Lithos. In addition, if you take too long, aftershocks of the tsunami will scramble some of the Lithos again. BTW, you can tell when the next aftershock will hit by the rising water level on the right side of the game.

Imbroglio App with four islands ~ Lisbon Lab

I’ve played up to level ten so far. According to the screenshots, there’s 80 levels and four islands in this game. In addition, you can also play online with friends.

In conclusion, Imbroglio app is an interesting game that will make you think. Best of all, the app is free. BTW, imbroglio means an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation. I had to googled the term because I didn’t know what it meant. I guess I’m not as smart as a fifth grader.

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