Review: Opposites App for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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Mindshapes' Opposites app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices

I received a promo code to review Mindshapes’ Opposites app on my geek dad blog. As you can tell by the name of the app, it’s a game for matching words that are opposites. Bottom line: it’s not an exciting game for adults. However, the app is a bit addictive and is a useful piece of software for helping kids (ages seven and up) learn about opposites. The Opposites app is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices (requires iOS 3.0 or later). The app is priced at a very reasonable 99 cents.

Mindshapes' Opposites app dictionary

One of the nice features of the Opposites app is its dictionary, which is organized around the ten levels of game play. If they wanted to, children can use the dictionary to learn opposites before playing a level. The dictionary, in addition to presenting opposite pairs, also includes the meaning of words. Adults won’t need to use the dictionary, but kids should find the dictionary useful.

Mindshapes' Opposites app

Opposites has ten levels of play. Each level becomes progressively more challenging and words become more complex and abstract. If you advance far enough, you will eventually deal with rare descriptive and technical words from biology, economics, politics, medicine, poetry and classical Greek prefixes. Based on my experience, the first five levels are fairly easy (I stopped after five). However, I did have to repeat a level once. I guess I’m not as sharp as some kids.