Jack and the Beanstalk App Review

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Mindshapes Jack and the Beanstalk app for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Mindshapes sent me a review code for their Jack and the Beanstalk app. As you can guess from the title, the app is about Jack and the Beanstalk. It’s a story app that lets kids read on their own or have the story read to them. The Jack and the Beanstalk app is designed for both the Apple iPad and iPhone (I tested it on an iPod Touch). The Jack and the Beanstalk app is available now on the app store for $2.99 free (as of November 17, 2011). Bottom line: it’s a cute app for your kids, but not that interesting for dads and moms (keep in mind the app is intended for children ages 5-8).

What I like about the Jack and the Beanstalk App

  • Kids can select Read to Me or Read by Myself
  • You can touch items on the screen to see what they do (doesn’t change the story)
  • The twist on the classic Jack and the Beanstalk story is a little interesting
  • There’s a chapter selection that lets you go directly to a particular chapter
  • Kids can play with the accelerometer to control the flight of Jack up and down the beanstalk

What I didn’t like about the Jack and the Beanstalk App

  • Words were very small and hard to read on my iPod Touch — you’ll need an iPad to see the words clearly
  • In Read to Me mode, the story is short (about five to ten minutes depending on how much time you spend tapping around)