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The Oregon Trail Video Game ~ Red Wagon Games and DoubleTap Games

I received the new Oregon Trail video game for review on my geek dad blog. The version I’m reviewing is designed for the Nintendo 3DS (there’s also a Wii version). In the game, you’re a pioneer and you have to lead a wagon from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City. Bottom line: Oregon Trail is an educational adventure game. It’s fun, but it’s biggest appeal is that it actually requires you to think. The Oregon Trail video game (Red Wagon Games) is available now. It has a list price of $19.99 for the Wii version and $29.99 for the 3DS version. The game is rated E10+.

The Oregon Trail Video Game - leaving Independence, Missouri screenshot

The Oregon Trail video game takes place in the mid 1800’s. The goal of the game is to travel 2000 miles across the Oregon Trial. You start off in Independence, Missouri and hopefully end up in Oregon City safe and sound. To do that, you first need to figure out what to stock up on before you leave on your dangerous trip. After you have purchased your supplies from the town merchant, you and your family are ready to start your adventure.

On your journey to Oregon City, you will have to make good time while avoiding obstacles on winding, rough terrain. Along the way, you meet various people that can help you or hinder you. I actually haven’t met anyone bad yet, but I’m sure my luck will eventually run out. To replenish your food, you will need to hunt and fish. I have not fished yet, but I have hunted. So far I was able to shoot some rabbits and birds, but have not had any luck getting the buffalo.

The Oregon Trail Video Game - on the Oregon Trial screenshot

To win the game, you have to make it to Oregon City with at least one surviving member before October 31st. You score more points by reaching your destination as quickly as possible and also by keeping as many family members alive as possible. The catch is that the faster you travel, the more you put your family and the oxen at risk.

The Oregon Trial game features four stories. However, only one story is unlocked initially. To unlock the other three stories, you have to complete chapters (each story has three chapters). I have not gotten very far on the Oregon Trial (I’m making good time according to the clock status), so I have not unlocked any of the stories yet.

The Oregon Trail Video Game - retrieving a crate screenshot

I almost forgot to mention that each story features three characters. Each character has their strengths and weaknesses. To make the game more challenging, you have to select a different character for each chapter (unless you have unlocked free play mode).

In conclusion, I would like to say that the Oregon Trial game is fun, but not super fun like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog video games. However, Oregon Trial is more educational and makes you think more than games designed purely for fun.

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