Review: Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio App

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Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio App

Bean Bag Kids recently sent me a promo code to review the Pinocchio app on my geek dad blog. As the name suggests, the app is an interactive story app about Pinocchio. The app sticks to the traditional fairy tale, but features some interactivity. The official name of the app is Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio. It supports the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices (iOS 3.2 or later). The app is intended for children ages one to six. It is available now for only 99 cents. Bottom line: it’s not the most exciting app, but my kids and I love it.

Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio App ~ Mundomono

In the Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio app, your child can follow along as the app narrates the story. Or you can disable the narrator and have your children read the story for themselves. In each scene, your kid can collect three stars to unlock a backstage bonus. Some of the stars are not easy to find. In fact, I couldn’t unlock the bonus because I couldn’t find enough stars (you need 42 stars to unlock the backstage bonus). In addition, each scene also features interactive characters and items. They don’t actually do a whole lot, but they should be amusing enough for young children.

Pinocchio App ~ Bean Bag Kids and

Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio App Highlights

  • 3D-like animation with a nice intro beat
  • Narrator reads the story to your kid (I love the voice of the soothing narration)
  • Narration can be disabled so you or your child can read the story (note: the text on an iPod screen might be a little too small for young children to read)
  • You have to find three stars in each scene (some stars are hard to find)
  • A little interactive — the characters and some objects do something extra if you tap on them
  • There’s an autoplay option so you don’t have to turn the page
  • Spanish narration option
  • You need to collect 42 stars to unlock backstage bonus
  • You can purchase puzzles and night lamps in the toy chess (requires real money — 99 cents each)
  • iCloud enhancement to sync Bean Bag Kids toys on all of your iOS devices (I didn’t test this feature)