Review: dealBoard App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

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dealBoard App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch ~ nFluence media

I’m a frugal dad so I’m always happy to find good deals. That’s one of the reasons I downloaded a free app called dealBoard (nFluence media). It’s an app for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (requires iOS 4.3 or later). The app recommends deals you might like from thousands of daily offers.

dealBoard App Pro’s

  • It’s free
  • Doesn’t require registering for an account
  • Doesn’t send out emails or ask you to give out your email address
  • App searches through thousands of offers from the top deal sites in the country (like Groupon, Living Social, Yelp, FamilyFinds, etc)

dealBoard App Con’s

  • I only found one deal I like
  • It recommends deals similar to ones I have already rejected

dealBoard App Profile Builder

dealBoard builds a personal profile that is based on brands that you like and don’t like. The app does this by asking you to swipe up for brands you like, swipe down for brands you don’t like, and do nothing for brands you are not sure of. Then the app presents you with a list of recommended deals. To help the app continually update your profile, you can swipe up for deals you like, and swipe down for deals you don’t like.

dealBoard App recommended deals

One of the things I like about the app is that I remain anonymous. I don’t have to worry about companies flooding me with emails or phone calls. In addition, you don’t have to create an account in order to use the dealBoard app. You also don’t have to give out your email address. I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like whenever I sign up for something, I get flooded with emails from other companies.

I like the idea behind dealBoard, but so far I only found one deal I like. The app recommends a lot of deals that I an not interested in. For instance, it gives me a lot of wedding and honeymoon related deals even though I’ve been married for over twelve years. In addition, the app continues to recommend deals similar to ones I have already rejected. Keep in mind that I’ve only used the app once. I’m assuming the next time I use dealBoard, the app will filter out deals similar to the ones I have marked as dislikes.

In conclusion, the app is free and worth downloading. However, dealBoard will need some time to learn your likes and dislikes.