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CritterZone Air Naturalizer

CritterZone sent me their air naturalizer for review on my geek dad blog. The little gadget freshens indoor air without filters or chemicals. You gotta love that, right? The Air Naturalizer is easy to use — just plug it into a electrical outlet. I received a wall unit for review, but there is also a corded version and a travel pack that includes a car adapter and travel bag. The corded and wall unit versions cost $99 each. The travel pack is priced at $114.95. But you can a $10 discount on any of the units if you use the following promo code during check out: GEEKDAD

CritterZone Air Naturalizer air flow

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how does the CritterZone Air Naturalizer work? Basically, the device reactivates indoor air by creating active ingredients that give the air the ability to clean itself, just like outdoor air does. The active ingredients start chemical reactions that break down contaminants.

Outside, the sun and wind are constantly giving air a natural charge that helps break down odors and allergens. Indoor air is typically cut off from that cycle, so it often becomes stale and full of unwanted odors, allergens and other unwanted particles. This is where the CritterZone Air Naturalizer comes in. The device creates energized versions of the natural elements already found in the air. It puts them to work, causing a series of reactions, just like the ones that happen naturally outdoors. These energized elements are given the power to clean up the air and help get rid of odors, allergens, mold and bacteria.

According to the press material, a single CritterZone Air Naturalizer can maintain the area in an 800-square-foot space. The device is great for people who own pets or people with allergies.

Note: the CritterZone Air Naturalizer emits a light metallic odor. According to the product literature, the strength of the scent is based on the level of pollutants. I guess that means our room has a lot of pollutants because the smell is quite strong. It’s suppose to lessen as the air is cleaned. I hope so!

More info: CritterZone – remember to use the following discount code: GEEKDAD

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