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Onyx Star Fleet communicator

Star Trek fans will love the new Onyx device, which is made by OnBeep. It’s essentially a Star Fleet communicator. It doesn’t look like one, but you attach the gadget to your chest just like the ones in the TV series. With the device, you can talk to people in your group by pressing a button on the communicator. The Onyx doesn’t actually contact people directly. The clothing-worn communicator uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, which is essentially the base for the device. The Onyx sells for $99 and you can pre-order it now.

Onyx Specifications

  • Height: 26mm (1.02″)
  • Width: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Length: 60mm (2.36″)
  • Weight: 46g (1.62 oz)
  • Type of Battery: Lithium Polymer
  • Charges via micro-USB cable (provided)
  • Battery Life: 12 hours standby, all-day normal use

Onyx communicator - wearable speakerphone

About OnBeep Onyx

Heads-Up Communication
Checking your phone is a hassle when you’re busy. Pockets, gloves and complicated interfaces get in the way of the most important aspect of every communication device: communicating. Onyx puts the tools you need right where you need them most, stylishly accessible at all times.

Work Together. Do Anything.
Onyx is the first wearable of its kind, putting the power of group communication at your fingertips in a small, stylish device. Collaborate beautifully anywhere you have a data connection — across the street or around the world. For discrete conversations, Onyx works with your headphones and mic.

Connecting Anyone, Anywhere
Onyx delivers instant group communication anywhere. Create, manage and communicate with groups, with no geographical limits. See the position of everyone in your groups and their status. Access advanced group management features on Android or iOS.