Holiday Gift Idea: Gem Smashers Video Game for the Wii and 3DS


Gem Smashers for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS (Red Wagon Games)

I received the Gem Smashers Wii video game for review on my geek dad blog. In Gem Smashers (Red Wagon Games), an evil scientist (IMBU) has captured a bunch of peaceful creatures. All but three of the creatures (BAU, BAM and BOM) are now imprisoned inside gems. In the game, you’re one of the creatures that escaped and it’s your job to free the other creatures by smashing gems. Bottom line: the game is simple to play, but not easy to win without replaying levels multiple times. My kids love this game because it’s fun and not complicated. Gem Smashers for the Wii is available now for $29.99 (currently $19.99 on Amazon). There is also a Nintendo 3DS version. Gem Smashers for the 3DS is available now for $29.99.

Gem Smashers (Red Wagon Games) screen shot

Gem Smashers has two modes: story and battle. In story mode, there are eight different worlds and 100 levels. In battle mode, you’re playing against another player to see who can smash the most gems. BTW, I didn’t know this when I first played the Gem Smashers video, but each of the three playable characters has its own unique speed, bounce and style.

The video game sounds simple, but you have to use a color changer to change your color to match the color of the gems you want to smash. Some of the gems are hidden, so you have to break through objects to find the hidden ones. While you are trying to smash gems, DeathBlocks, evil skulls, and zone bosses are trying to stop you.

Gem Smashers screen shot ~ Red Wagon Games

What I like about Gem Smashers

  • It’s simple and fun to play
  • The kids and I love to compete against each other in battle mode
  • Two players can play at the same time in battle mode
  • Story mode has eight different worlds to play and over 100 levels
  • You can unlock extra content in story mode

What I didn’t like about Gem Smashers

  • The game is not motion activated — you have to use the buttons on the Wii remote to move around
  • In battle mode, it’s easy to lose track of your character when both players are the same color

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