TRON cycle coming soon to a bike shop near you


Check out this new bike light system:

Revolights bike lighting system

It’s call the Revolights bike lighting system. It reminds me a little of the cycles in the TRON: Legacy movie. It’s a pretty neat idea. The lights are cool and safe at the same time. The LED lights currently blink in sequence when the bike isn’t moving (they might change the pattern prior to production). When the bike is moving, the lights form a solid white arc on the front wheel and a red arch on the rear wheel. It’s currently in the prototype stage. Their goal is to start selling the new light system by March of next year. No idea on how much it’s going to cost.

Revolights bike lighting system - front and back view

The Revolights bike lighting system consists of four light rings (two for each wheel), a small circuit board, a magnet, a battery, and spoke clips. The clips are used to mount the LED rings to the wheel rims (below the brake calipers). The LEDs are powered by a USB rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery. The magnet is used to calculate the bike speed and, based on an algorithm, maintains the illuminated arc size and position. Future designs may feature an accelerometer to calculate speed. The circuit board controls the LEDs to create the desired pattern.

Revolights bike lighting system diagram

3 thoughts on “TRON cycle coming soon to a bike shop near you

  1. This is a really good idea! Even though my son had some reflectors on his bike pedals and seat, he once got hit by a car. The good thing is that the bike went under the car, and my son went over the car. He was banged up a bit but okay, and the lady bought him a new bike. This happened at dusk, when things are questionable. The problem was that those little reflectors were not enough for the car driver to recognize that there was a bicyclist–at least not in time to react. I think this product might have prevented that incident entirely.

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