Review: I Spy Castle Nintendo DS Game

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I Spy Castle Nintendo DS video game

I received the new I Spy Castle Nintendo DS game for review on my geek dad blog. As you can tell by the name, it’s an I spy game with a castle theme. Just like the I Spy books, the goal of the video game is to find the hidden items. I Spy Castle (Scholastic Games) presents you with riddles, puzzles and brainteasers. The I Spy Castle Nintendo DS game will be available in stores next Tuesday (October 25th). The retail price is $19.99. Bottom line: the game is challenging, but not impossible. My 11-year old daughter made it all the way through the video game without any help from me (not that I would be of any help).

What I like about I Spy Castle

  • Some of the hidden items are hard to find, but not impossible
  • Hints are available if you need help finding something
  • You don’t really need to read the instructions to figure out how to play (note: stylus works better than the control pad and finger)
  • $20 sounds like a fair price for this DS game
  • Rated E for everyone — I don’t need to worry about bad language, violence, and inappropriate content
  • I’ve only played two levels (rooms) so far, but there’s suppose to be 36 I SPY riddles, 12 mini-games, 3 logic puzzles (to unlock new rooms), and 12 rooms/scenes

What I didn’t like about I Spy Castle

  • In the first room entered, the game kept reminding me hints are available — the constant reminders were annoying
  • The one object I couldn’t find didn’t really look like the turtle it’s suppose to be (my daughter agrees with me)

Note: the game isn’t available until next week, but you can pre-order I Spy Castle Nintendo DS video game on Amazon now.

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