Review: Shape Pals! App – it’s free for a limited time


Crumpeta Shape Pals! App game mode

Crumpeta sent me a promo code to review their new Shape Pals! app on my geek dad blog. Turns out I didn’t actually need the code because the app is currently free. Shape Pals! is an educational app that will help your children learn about shapes. It works on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (requires iOS 3.1 or later). The app normally costs $1.99, but you can download it for free until the promotion ends (no idea when that is). Bottom line: children will have fun learning about shapes with this app.

Crumpeta Shape Pals! App learn mode

There are two modes in Shape Pals! In learn mode, kids learn thirteen shapes. The shapes are rhombus, square, hexagon, pentagon, star, trapezoid, triangle, parallelogram, rectangle, oval, crescent, heart, and circle. In learn mode, the name of each shape is spoken as it is presented on the screen. In game mode, children are rewarded if they select the correct shape from a group of three shapes. Once you have correctly select three shapes, you get a sticker. But you start all over if you select the wrong shape.

I found the game fairly easy to play. However, young children will need a couple of pointers. For instance in learn mode, you will need to teach them to swipe to get to the next shape. Tapping on the shape won’t do anything. In game mode, on the other hand, swiping doesn’t work. Instead you have to tell your kids to tap on the shape to move to the next screen. It’s a bit odd that they didn’t make this more consistent.

Crumpeta Shape Pals! App ~ my stickers

The Shape Pals! app also features a My Stickers area. This is where your kids can have fun by dragging and dropping their stickers to various scenes.

BTW, Shape Pals! was designed with consultation of a child learning specialist to create a balance of education and interaction. The graphics and animations were carefully crafted by a professional artist and graphic designer. As a result, Shape Pals! is both functional and cute for kids.

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  1. This looks like a neat app I’ll have to show my little girl. Thanks for reviewing “girly” apps LOL.

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