Review: Mindshapes Lingo Zoo App

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Mindshapes Lingo Zoo app

I received a promo code to review the Mindshapes Lingo Zoo app on my geek dad blog. The app is a collection of jigsaw puzzles (just drag and drop). Once the animal puzzle is completed, a child will hear the name of the animal in English and Spanish. The Lingo Zoo app works on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad mobile devices (iOS 3.0 or later). The Mindshapes app is intended for children ages four and up. It is priced at $1.99. Bottom line: your kids can learn to say the names of animals in English and Spanish. However, the app will only cover about 35 animals (note: I only completed two of the seven levels).

Mindshapes Lingo Zoo app - butteryfly jigsaw puzzle

What I like about the Lingo Zoo app

  • Kids can learn the names of animals in English and Spanish
  • The jigsaw puzzles are easy enough for kids to do without moms and dads help
  • There are seven levels: farm, underwater, woodland, safari, flower garden, outback and jungle

Mindshapes Lingo Zoo app - lion in Enlish and Spanish

What I didn’t like about the Lingo Zoo app

  • Only about 35 animals
  • The app costs only $1.99, but 99¢ or free would be better (don’t ask me how they would make money if it’s free)