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Review: 3D Math Racing Pro App for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

3D Math Racing Pro for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad ~ POTG Apps

POTG Apps sent me a promo code to review their 3D Math Racing Pro app on my dad blog. This is one of those educational app that quizzes your kid with math problems. In the app, your car gets a speed boost each time you get a math problem right. The app makes math fun and hopefully will improve your child’s math skills. 3D Math Racing Pro is available now in the iTunes app store. The app is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. It requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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Geek Book Review: Super Scratch Programming Adventure! – it’s a fun book for kids

Super Scratch Programming Adventure! book ~ No Starch Press

No Starch Press sent me a copy of their Super Scratch Programming Adventure! book for review on my geek dad blog. It’s a book about the Scratch educational programming language. Scratch, which is a graphical programming language developed by MIT’s Media Lab, helps children create interactive games, stories, music, and art by combining blocks of code. It’s a great learning language because kids don’t have to deal with the cryptic syntaxes found in most programming languages. The programming language is used by millions of first-time programmers worldwide.

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Review: Whiz Racer Android App – it’s a fun math game for kids

Enigma Games Whiz Racer video game

Enigma Games sent me an evaluation version of their new Whiz Racer game for review on my geek dad blog. The racing video game isn’t really a racing game at all. It’s actually an educational game in a race car setting. It could just as easily been an archery game because the main objective of Whiz Racer is solving math problems. The setting just makes the the app more interesting for kids. Whiz Racer is currently available for Android devices for $2.99. Versions for iOS, PC and Mac platforms will be coming soon.

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