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Is Google’s Plan to Use Balloons to Connect People to the Internet Looney?

Project Loon balloon sails through the stratospher

Remember when I wrote about Facebook’s plan to use drones to connect the world to the Internet? Far fetched, yet true. Now I bring you the story about Google’s plan to connect the world using balloons. You read that correctly. Balloons. If I saw these two ideas in a movie, I would roll my eyes because they sound so crazy. Yet both of these ideas are being tested right now. In the case of the balloons, which is called Project Loon, Google envisions providing Internet access to rural areas via connected balloons hovering high above the earth. Loon is actually a project of Google X, which is a research arm of the search engine giant. Their more famous project is Google Glass.

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App Review: Rocka Bowling 3D – it’s fun and free

Rocka Bowling 3D app ~ Best Cool Fun Games

I’ve been playing with an app called Rocka Bowling 3D. It’s a fun app by Best Cool Fun Games [Facebook | Twitter]. As you can tell by the name of the app, it’s a bowling game. The app reminds me a little of the bowling game in Wii Sports. But instead of using a Wii controller, you swipe with your finger to roll the bowling ball. Rocka Bowling 3D is available now in the Apple AppStore. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.1 or later). Note: there is also a Google Android version, which was actually developed first.

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Google glasses connects you to the Internet (links)

Google Internet-connected Glasses

You know how some people can text and walk at the same time. And then they walk right into a water fountain. Well, the problem is going to get worst thanks to Google. The company is targeting the wearable computing market with their new Internet-connected glasses. According to several articles (links and video below), Google’s Internet glasses features a small see-through display screen that shows text messages, appointments, weather data, maps and other information. The glasses also supports voice commands so you don’t need a touchscreen, keyboard or mouse to text or perform other tasks. With the cool Internet glasses, you can even video chat with someone. The Google glasses are currently in the prototype stage.

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Air Playit App for streaming audio and video files to mobile devices

Digiarty Software Air Playit App for streaming audio and video files to mobile devices

I’ve been playing with a free app called Air Playit (by Digiarty Software). The app uses WiFi and 3G/4G networks to streams video and audio files from a Windows or Mac computer to Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch mobile devices (Google Android app coming soon). It supports a variety of audio and video formats and you don’t need to convert a file before playing it on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Air Playit acts like a personal video audio cloud so you can listen to music or watch videos without having to download or sync the files to your mobile device. Bottom line: it’s a nice app for playing audio and video files on your idevice without having to store the files on your gadget. However, you also need to have your computer on in order to stream the files.

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Hosted Exchange/Outlook vs Gmail

I’ve been using hosted Exchange (via Rackspace) and Microsoft Outlook on and off for several weeks now. I have not integrated Exchange/Outlook into my workflow yet, but I’ve used the services enough to make a comparison with Gmail. I’m not going to write about every single feature of Exchange/Outlook and Gmail. That would be insane. Instead, I will focus primarily on the features that I noticed were significantly different between the two email products.

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