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Microsoft Launches Surface Pro 3 – features 12-inch display

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft introduced their new Surface Pro 3 today. Their new tablet can be ordered today at 9pm Pacific time (will ship by August 31st). According to Microsoft, the new Surface, which features a 12-inch screen and a pen, is a tablet that can replace a laptop. The Surface Pro 3 can be ordered in five different configurations. The 64GB / Intel i3 model sells for $799, 128GB / Intel i5 for $999, 256GB / Intel i5 for $1,299, 256GB / Intel i7 for $1,549, and 512GB / Intel i7 for $1,949.

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Review: Kinect Rush Video Game – A Disney Pixar Adventure

Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure video game ~ Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect

Over the weekend, I checked out Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure at the library. The game is totally fun — especially if you and your kids love Pixar movies. Kinect Rush features five games in a Disney-Pixar park setting. As you can tell by the title, it’s a video game for the Xbox 360 Kinect system. Kinect Rush (Microsoft ) is available now with a list price of $49.99. However, you can currently purchase it for $29.99 on Amazon.

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Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps

A couple of months ago Microsoft rolled out the beta version of Office 365, which is an upgraded and rebranded version of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS). Microsoft Office 365 consists of Office Web Apps (online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote), Exchange 2010 (for email, calendar, and contacts management), SharePoint 2010 (access and share documents and insights, contacts, calendars, and tasks in a single location), and Lync 2010 (instant messaging, video calls, or online meetings). As you can tell, Office 365 competes in the cloud with Google Apps. If you’re looking for a comparison between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, below are some highlights.

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Xbox Kinect Review – it’s cool, but not awesome

Look what my toddler got for his second birthday:

My toddler got a Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect for this birthday

No, I wasn’t the one who bought him an Xbox 360 Kinect for his birthday. I’m not one of those crazy parents that likes to spoil their kids. With a present like that for his second birthday, I would have to buy him a Porsche for his eighteenth birthday. When I was a kid, no one ever gave me an expensive present like the Kinect for Xbox 360. My parents and all their friends and relatives were all very frugal. Luckily for my kids, they have an aunt that spoils them. Anyhow, my sister-in-law bought the Microsoft video gaming system for the toddler because with the Kinect, he is the controller. In the last couple of months, my toddler has tried using the Wii controller when he sees his brother and sisters playing, but he has not figured it out yet. In theory, he could play Kinect games without having to figure out which buttons on a controller to push. In reality, he can’t play video games any better on the Kinect than on the Nintendo Wii. He can move his avatar, but the problem is he doesn’t know how to play the games. He just randomly jumps up and down.

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The Technology Behind the Microsoft xBox Kinect Motion Control System

Wow, I am impressed with the technology behind Microsoft’s xBox Kinect motion control system. When I first heard that Microsoft was making the user the controller of their xBox 360 video game console, I thought they meant simple hand gestures. I didn’t realize their system would be able to track the entire body. Normally, a full-body tracking system requires the user to wear a body suit with sensors. Instead, Kinect uses 3D-sensing technology from PrimeSense to track movement.

PrimeSense light coding process

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