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Lantronix xPrintServer – Home Edition for iPad, iPhone, iPod

Lantronix xPrintServer - Home Edition

Lantronix recently announced the xPrintServer – Home Edition, which enables printing from Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. xPrintServer – Home Edition supports up to eight USB printers and up to two network printers. xPrintServer – Home Edition isn’t currently available. However, you can pre-order the gadget. According to the press material, the device will begin shipping later this month.

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Six Tips for Securing Your Wireless Network

I had to setup a new Linksys wireless router recently and I thought I would share some tips for improving the security of your wireless network. Below are six ways for securing your wireless router.

Tip #1: Change the default password
local IP address of routerI’ve owned several routers through the years and it seems like all of them use as the IP address, admin as the user name, and password as the password. In my opinion, most people don’t even bother to change the default password, which is a big mistake — especially if you share your WiFi connection with neighbors, house guests, and nerdy friends of your kids (when they come over to do homework). If you don’t change your password, anyone can log into your router and makes changes — like locking you out, disabling the firewall, and turning on remote router access. Now would also be a good time to change the local IP address of your router (something other than

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