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Download Disney Infinity for Free

Download Disney Infinity on your PC for free

If your kids love the Disney Infinity video game, you’ll love this promotion. As of now, you can download and play the PC version of Disney Infinity for free. That’s right, for FREE. The Incredibles Play Set is now free. Just download and launch the PC game. And then play out the adventure as you try and defeat Syndrome. According to their website, you can even synch the PC game with the app version on your smartphone or tablet. That way you can play on the PC, and then resume play at the same place on your device. Neat, right?

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Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey Video Game Review

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey Video Game ~ Disney Interactive Studios

I checked out Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey (Disney Interactive Studios) from the library recently. It’s a game geared mainly at little girls. However, my toddler loves it too. Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey is rated E for Everyone. It’s a safe and fun game for young kids. Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey has a list price of $19.99. However, you can currently purchase the video game for $14 on Amazon.

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Protect Your PC with ClamAV and AVG Anti-Virus Software

I’ve been meaning to write about a couple of anti-virus software for a while now, but my reviews and giveaways blog is sucking up all my free time. Anyhow, a few months ago my blogs were hacked multiple times. Initially I thought a hacker found an exploit in WordPress or in one of the plugins I was using. But the hacks were actually the result of a trojan on my primary computer. I was using Windows Defender at the time and the program detected the trojan and quarantined it. But the next time I started Windows, the trojan reappeared and my sites were hacked again. After I surfed the net, I found two free anti-virus programs that I want to share with you guys.

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