New Video Games This Week – GRID 2, Fuse, Masterpiece Mahjong

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Masterpiece Mahjong Ultimate Pack for Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Only a few new video game titles this week. They include GRID 2 (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC), Fuse (Playstation 3, Xbox 360), and Masterpiece Mahjong Ultimate Pack (Windows 7 / Vista / XP). I have never played Mahjong, but I should learn how to play the game because it’s a Chinese game and I’m Chinese. And yes, we all dress like the person on the game box. Don’t know if I laugh or be insulted. See below for more information about the new video game titles for this week.

Video Games for Week of May 28, 2013

  • GRID 2
    Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
    Rated: Everyone
    Release Date: May 8, 2013
    Be fast, be first and be famous as the race returns in GRID 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed, multimillion-selling GRID. Experience aggressive racing against advanced AI and become immersed in the race with GRID 2’s new TrueFeel Handling system which powers edge of control exhilaration behind the wheel of every iconic car. The next generation of the EGO Game Technology Platform delivers genre-defining visuals and jaw-dropping damage as you prove yourself across three continents in a new, evolving world of motorsport. Earn fame, fans and fortune as you blaze your way to the top in intense, relentless races on licensed circuits, beautifully realized city streets and lethal mountain roads. GRID 2 will also set the new standard for multiplayer racing with innovative modes, an entirely separate progression system and deep integration with RaceNet, the free online extension for Codemasters Racing games.
  • Fuse
    Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
    Rated: pending
    Release Date: May 8, 2013
    Set in the near-future, Fuse follows a team of four elite agents obliterating enemy strongholds using fringe-tech gadgets and lethal teamwork. The members of Overstrike 9 are comprised of an ex-mercenary, Interpol’s most wanted thief, a gifted young scientist and a decorated detective. Collectively, they are the agency’s outcasts. But a shadowy organization threatens to wipe out humankind. Thanks to each agent’s unique talents and a tendency to completely ignore protocol — Overstrike 9 is the only option left. Fuse blends developer Insomniac Games’ flair for exotic weaponry and immersive storytelling with a touch of humor in this 4 person co-op action game.
  • Masterpiece Mahjong Ultimate Pack
    Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    Rated: n/a
    Release Date: May 8, 2013
    Enjoy Mahjong like never before as you enjoy stunning tile sets, dazzling backgrounds, and so much more in this incredible collection of Mahjong games. Includes MAHJONG ROYAL TOWERS, MAHJONG WORLD CONTEST, SPOOKY MAHJONG, CHRISTMAS MAHJONG and more for one amazing price. Improve your rank and discover new challenges in each incredible layout. Packed with a wide variety of layouts and elegant tile sets, this collection is sure to keep you on your toes and entertained for hours on end. This Special Edition also includes JIGSAW BOOM and JISAW BOOM 2.

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