Google glasses connects you to the Internet (links)


Google Internet-connected Glasses

You know how some people can text and walk at the same time. And then they walk right into a water fountain. Well, the problem is going to get worst thanks to Google. The company is targeting the wearable computing market with their new Internet-connected glasses. According to several articles (links and video below), Google’s Internet glasses features a small see-through display screen that shows text messages, appointments, weather data, maps and other information. The glasses also supports voice commands so you don’t need a touchscreen, keyboard or mouse to text or perform other tasks. With the cool Internet glasses, you can even video chat with someone. The Google glasses are currently in the prototype stage.

Google glasses connects you to the web

Google Internet-connected Glasses Stories

5 thoughts on “Google glasses connects you to the Internet (links)

  1. No one needs to be connected that bad. What if they were driving and doing this at the same time.

  2. Seriously? Are we becoming robotic? I just dont like this. Seems like it could lead to bad things.

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